Can Hamsters And Gerbils Live Together?

Who doesn’t love to have their own pets! They are cute, entertaining and will love you unconditionally. 

Nowadays, Hamsters and Gerbils are becoming top choices among people who are looking for pets. Both bond with their owners really well and can be your great companions.

Can Hamsters And gerbils Live Together

Though both look almost alike, they have their different needs and generally are not paired together.

While Hamsters can survive alone, Gerbils can get sick if left unattended for too long. Hence, let’s move ahead and learn more about their characteristics, needs, and differences. 

Can Hamsters And Gerbils Live Together? 

No! Though both Hamsters and Gerbils come from rodent families and often people assume them to be alike, they are not compatible with living together. 

However, you can keep them in separate cages if you want to have both in your house. But, make sure they don’t come in contact with each other when out of the cage. 

What Are The Characteristics Of A Hamster? 

Hamsters are tiny and adorable animals. They are one of the best pets to keep at home, especially if you want to have a suitable pet for your kids.

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Taking care of them is pretty easy as they are highly trainable. Also, they are quick to learn their owners’ voices and the sound of their food.

They stay energetic and playful all day long. They love playing with their chew toys and have fun burying them under their bedding. They are human-friendly and are comfortable with humans being around them. 

Other Hamster’s characteristics and habits that make them preferable:

  • They are easier to clean up.
  • They are low-maintenance.
  • They are lovable and entertaining.
  • Perfect for all-nighters. 
  • They need minimal space to live.
  • They do not need constant attention.
  • They are safe to play with.
  • They can be tamed easily.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Gerbil? 


Gerbil is considered a fragile animal. Hence they constantly need the supervision of an adult when kids are around and should not be held by their tail. 

Gerbil is relatively high maintenance in terms of bedding and housing. A Wooden or wire cage is not suitable for Gerbils; you need to buy a 20-gallon fish tank for housing them.

They are rodents and like socializing. Generally, they live in pairs. Gerbils tend to excrete at one location only, making it easier to clean their cage. 

Other traits and behavior of Gerbils that make them good pets are:

  • They are curious creatures and love exploring things.
  • Watching them is fun and entertaining.
  • They are social animals.
  • They don’t need much time to be outside the cage.
  • They come in different varieties.
  • They are easier to take care of.
  • They smell good.
  • They don’t need a bigger space to reside.
  • They usually don’t bite. 

What Are The Considerations A Pet Owner Should Focus On While Keeping A Hamster And Gerbil In Their House? 

While keeping a Hamster with a Gerbil is not advised, you need to consider some essential aspects if you want to pet them. As one of them is territorial while the other is social, housing them together must be done carefully. 

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So, here are some points that you must focus on while you plan to put a Hamster and Gerbil together:

  • Make sure you are keeping them in separate cages/housing.
  • When they are not in the cage/housing, ensure they are not in the same room.
  • Please don’t leave them unattended for an extended period.
  • Putting them together in one room might make them attack each other.

Though both seem to be friendly to humans, they generally don’t go along with each other that well. Being in the same room with different animals makes them feel they are at risk, and hence they act aggressively. 

However, with separate settings in the same house, they both can reside very well with their owners. Gerbils do require extra attention, so ensure you are fulfilling its needs. Also, pay equal attention to your cute little Hamster. 

Can Hamsters And Gerbils Be Friends? 

Not at all! Both of them have drastically opposite personalities. Keeping them together would be nothing but a headache to you. They will often fight and harm each other.

Gerbils are very active creatures and love to run around all the time. In comparison, Hamsters don’t like anyone to cross their territory and interfere with them. Hence, a running gerbil will make them aggressive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hamsters And Gerbils Play Together?

No! They can not play together. Though Gerbils are more social, they show extreme territorial behavior to unfamiliar creatures. And, Hamsters already enjoy their solitary being. Hence, both of them will be happier playing separately than together. 

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Can Hamsters And Gerbils Eat The Same Food?

Yes! Gerbils and Hamsters require similar nutritional foods, Hence can consume the same food items. 

Can Hamsters And Gerbils Be Kept In The Same Cage?

Never! They are much safer when kept in different housings or cages. They have different social needs and respond in an assertive manner when introduced to each other.

Can Gerbils And Hamsters Hurt Each Other?

Yes, as both are pretty off about meeting completely strange creatures. Due to their rodent nature they will naturally assume each other as a threat and indulge in a fight. As both are deadly when it comes to protecting themselves, they might hurt each other poorly.

Can Hamsters And Gerbils Be Kept In The Same Room At Night? 

No, in fact, never try to sleep them in the same room. Even when they are inside of their individual cages, always keep them in separate rooms. Moreover, Hamsters like to stay awake at night, while Gerbil loves his night sleep. So letting them do their individual night activities in peace would be healthy for them.


It would be better to keep Hamsters and Gerbils separate from one another. Separately they can grow healthy and will  prove to be equally excellent pets. 

Furthermore, this setting is more convenient for their well-being and needs. Small pets tend to grab infections quickly. If they scratch each other while fighting and somehow their injuries aren’t noticeable to you, then the chances of developing harmful infections are high. 

Therefore, it is advised to spend time with them individually. Both are amazing pets to own.