Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Poop?

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Poop?

Having a pet is a great responsibility. You would require to feed him, take care of him, and give him proper time to make him feel homely.  While some pets require quite a high level of maintenance, some can be … Read more

Why do Hamsters run on wheels?

Why do Hamsters run on wheels?

Hamsters are the cute little animals everyone wants to pet. In fact, they are among the top choices of kids who want to adopt their first pet as well as adults who find them lovable to keep around.  There are … Read more

Can Hamsters Swim?

Can Hamsters Swim

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Can You Keep a Hamster in a Fish Tank?

Can You Keep a Hamster in a Fish Tank

Hamsters are a popular pet since they are fairly easy to care for. However, these adorable little creatures need a suitable habitat to stay healthy and avoid stress. You may have heard that some people keep their hamsters in a … Read more

Do Hamsters Eat Each Other?

Do Hamsters Eat Each Other

The list of foods a hamster can eat is long and varied. But nowhere on the list of acceptable things that hamsters can eat is other hamsters. Even though instances of hamster cannibalism are rare, they have been known to … Read more

Do Hamsters Bite?

Do Hamsters Bite

If hamsters are known throughout the world of house pets as anything, it’s of being quite docile and very cute. But even the cutest of hamsters can occasionally act out. And if hamster behavior problems is a topic of particular … Read more

What is the Best Hamster Cage Size?

Best Hamster Cage Size

Hamsters make good pets for a number of reasons, being rather easy to look after and not taking up quite as much space inside your house as a larger pet might. But since hamsters are small and can’t have run … Read more

Do Hamsters Have Periods?

Do Hamsters Have Periods

One of the common adages about rodents such as hamsters is that they are notoriously prolific breeders. But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly why that is? The answer to that question is probably no, but even if you … Read more

How Often Should You Feed Your Hamster?

How Often Should You Feed Your Hamster

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’ve just gotten a pet hamster. First, congratulations on the adoption of your new furry friend. If there was a Hamster Care 101 course, this would be the second session, all about … Read more

Bad Foods For Hamsters

Bad Foods for Hamsters

If you’ve recently adopted a hamster, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they like to eat. And in light of that, one of the first pieces of information you may want to find out are what sort … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Get Diabetes?

Why Hamsters Get Diabetes

One of the things that people often consider when wanting to adopt a pet is the frequency or likelihood with which that particular animal may contract certain diseases. Diabetes is a disorder that can affect hamsters just as easily as … Read more

Can You Keep 2 Hamsters in the Same Cage?

Can You Keep 2 Hamsters in the Same Cage

Owning a pet hamster is an absolute treat. These cute, furry little creatures with their big round eyes are one of the best pets one could have. Friendly, fun, completely harmless-there are a ton of reasons why you might want … Read more

How to Tell if my Hamster is Sick

How to Tell If My Hamster Is Sick

Knowing the types of ailments your hamster might experience is an important part of being a good pet owner. If you can recognize the signs that something isn’t quite right, you’ll have the tools to take better care of your … Read more