Are Hamster Balls Safe?

Are Hamster Ball Safe

Hamsters are prone to obesity and other diseases that stem from lack of exercise. They also get bored easily and need to be entertained. It’s important for your pet to be active on a daily basis so they can stay … Read more

How Do Hamsters Clean Themselves?

How Do Hamsters Clean Themselves

If you are a first-time hamster owner or thinking about getting a pet hamster, you are probably wondering about the hygiene habits of these adorable little rodents. Similarly, you may want to know how involved you have to be in … Read more

How Long Do Hamsters Live as Pets?

How Long do Hamsters Live as Pets

Friendly, cute and engaging, hamsters are popular family pets. But before you bring one home, it’s important to know about certain characteristics of this critter, such as its lifespan. Such information is vital to giving your hamster the best care … Read more

Hamster Body Parts

Hamster Body Parts

Hamsters are one of the smallest members of the rodent family. With small furry bodies, short legs, and tails, these are one of the cutest animals on the planet. They are also now one of the most popular pets and … Read more

What Noises Do Hamsters Make?

What Noises Do Hamsters Make

As a hamster owner, you might have noticed that at some point your pet will make a variety of noises. If you have heard your hamster scream or squeak; don’t worry, he or she is not possessed. It’s common for … Read more

Hamster Body Language

Hamster Body Language

Hamsters have different ways of communicating with each other and with their owners. Every now and then they’ll squeak or grunt, but they more often use nonverbal chemical cues and body language. Understanding this language can help you be a … Read more

Do Hamsters Have Good Eyesight?

Do Hamsters Have Good Eyesight

Before bringing a new pet to your home, you need to know some crucial information about it. Multiple hamsters enthusiasts have a common doubt – do hamsters have good eyesight? Do Hamsters Have Good Eyesight? No, hamsters do not have … Read more

Can Hamsters Jump?

Can Hamsters Jump

Hamsters; small, cute, fluffy, and jumpy? If you don’t own a hamster, you probably didn’t see this one coming, but hamsters do indeed jump, a lot. If you have one, you might have noticed that it will sometimes jump (or … Read more

Hamsters and Mites: Everything Owners Need to Know

Hamsters Hamsters Get Mites

While other common household pets that may spend time outdoors, such as cats and dogs, typically get preventative treatment for parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, indoor pets like hamsters do not. In all fairness, a hamster is less likely … Read more

Do Hamsters Have Good Hearing?

Do Hamsters Have Good Hearing

If you plan to bring a new pet to your home, you need to know more about it. For example, it is crucial to understand its daily diet, living place, and more. Many people who want to own a hamster … Read more