Hamsters and Mites: Everything Owners Need to Know

Hamsters Hamsters Get Mites

While other common household pets that may spend time outdoors, such as cats and dogs, typically get preventative treatment for parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, indoor pets like hamsters do not. In all fairness, a hamster is less likely … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce?

Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce

Many of us might enjoy eating applesauce, either as a dipping cream, dessert, or a side dish. Numerous hamster owners are curious about whether hamsters can eat applesauce or not. Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce? No, Hamsters cannot eat commercially produced … Read more

Do Hamsters Have Good Hearing?

Do Hamsters Have Good Hearing

If you plan to bring a new pet to your home, you need to know more about it. For example, it is crucial to understand its daily diet, living place, and more. Many people who want to own a hamster … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Granola?

Can Hamsters Eat Granola

Any hamster owner knows how much consideration goes into planning and controlling their pet’s diet. From water intake to dietary choices, you must be informed about the type of food and its ideal quantity that suits your hamster best. Many … Read more

Hamster Sleep: Everything you Need to Know

Hamster Sleep

Are you trying to decide if a hamster is the right pet for you? Or perhaps you’ve recently gotten one and are researching to make sure you are taking the best care of it. Either way, you’re being a responsible … Read more