The Best Hamster Cages As Of 2021

Before you can call yourself the proud owner of a pet hamster, you have to set up a space for them to call home. Getting a good hamster cage is a crucial step in the process of acquiring one of these sweet, globally loved creatures. Your hamster will be spending most of their time in there, and they are prone to escaping from insecure or shoddy cages. Since hamsters are so tiny, it can be stressful and time consuming to locate them if they manage to jump out and get loose. In contrast, well-built and cozy cages will promote your hamster’s development and discourage them from attempting to escape. Keep reading to learn about the best cages to buy for a hamster as of this year. 

The Top Nine Hamster Cages 

Thankfully, quality hamster cages are readily available to be shipped globally thanks to the internet. You don’t have to settle for a shabby, overpriced hamster cage from the local pet store. In no particular order, here are the nine best hamster cages to purchase, all of which can be found on Amazon. 

Best Hamster Cages

Midwest Home for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation 

Many hamster owners assert that the Midwest Home for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation is one of the easiest cages to clean. The double doors span the entire length of the side of the cage, making it simple for you to remove trays and old bedding. This cage stands on four wheels, and it comes with a shelf below the cage for storing supplies. The shelves inside can be adjusted, and there are several slots for attaching toys, treats, and food supplies. While this cage may need some refurbishing to accommodate hamsters, they will have a lot of trouble slipping past those steel bars.  

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Rosewood Pet Hamster Home

If you would prefer something that comes completely furnished for your hamster, the Rosewood Pet Hamster Home is an excellent option. This cage has many levels, ladders, and spots for them to hang out in or explore. It is also equipped with a feeding dish, water bottle, and exercise wheel. The wire top can be removed from the plastic base for cleaning, and this set up allows for an easy assembly. The base is deep enough to prevent bedding spillage. Overall, this hamster cage is great for first-time owners, as it conveniently comes with many essentials that would normally inflate the general cost of caring for your pet. 

Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home 

The Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home is made of tightly packed wire that will prevent your hamster from escaping and allow you to securely attach accessories. Thanks to the wire bars, you will have eyes on your pet at all times, but it may be a little bit difficult to clean. The base is a deep tub for bedding and exercise equipment, and the bottom leads up to a large platform. There are two doors, one on the top and one on the side. This cage offers plenty of room for your hamster or hamsters and all of their supplies.  

Living World Deluxe Habitat

This wire hamster cage is appropriately named, as your hamster will appreciate how spacious it is. The Living World Deluxe Habitat has a ramp that leads to a balcony and climbing between the levels will satisfy any hamster’s exercise needs and curiosity. The top of this cage flips open for maximum access while cleaning or to scoop out your pet. In contrast, the plastic bottom is tightly attached to the cage, with lots of room for bedding that cannot spill through up and out through the cage bars. This cage also already comes with basic hamster tools: a food dish, water bottle, and a spot for them to hide. 

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Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Your hamster will never tire of the accessories that come with the Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage. This cage boasts a penthouse at the very top, along with several tunnels, platforms, two houses, and an exercise wheel in the cage proper. The cage is both spacious and easy to transport, with sturdy handles for the latter. Several hamster lovers have praised this cage for its practical structure and the abundance of accessories. The Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is both fun and feasible. 

Favola Hamster Cage 

The Favola Hamster Cage is unique for having a transparent bottom that makes it easier to watch your hamster play or burrow. This bottom layer is deep and has a ramp installed for maximum mobility. You will never have to worry about spilled bedding or losing sight of your pet. The top floor contains all of the basic amenities, and it even has ports for attaching tubes between cages. The two floors can be disconnected, which makes this cage easy to clean. The Favola Hamster Cage also comes with a one year warranty. 

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

This durable hamster cage is made of iron bars and a sturdy plastic bottom. The AmazonBasics Pet Habitat also has a one-year warranty. Not only will your hamster not be escaping anytime soon, but you will also be holding on to this cage for years to come. The AmazonBasics Pet Habitat comes with both a hiding place and a balcony for your pet to explore or rest in. As the name implies, this hamster cage is also equipped with important supplies for feeding and watering your hamster. The entire top opens up for convenient access. Overall, this cage is perfectly sufficient for any hamster. 

Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage 

This quaint cage is lovely to look at and comes with two large homes for resting and hiding. Ladders lead up to each house to promote climbing. The Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage also has an exercise wheel. The wire bars are sturdy for preventing escape, and they snap off of the plastic base for a convenient and thorough clean. The base itself is deep enough that spilled bedding probably will not be an issue. If you simply want to hold or play with your hamster, they can be retrieved through the door on the front of the cage. 

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CritterTrail Two Level Habitat 

The CritterTrail Two Level Habitat is another hamster cage that has a fun aesthetic. Children especially will love the primary colors of the wires and the plastic. This hamster cage is very tall, with a wire frame section in the middle and a top and bottom made from plastic. Tunnels run throughout the cage. The CritterTrail Two Level Habitat is made specifically for small breeds of hamsters. All of the basic supplies are here, including a water bottle, exercise wheel, and food dish. This cage also boasts a top area where hamsters can be petted, and this portion can be removed to create a smaller, more portable, temporary cage. If you have children, this hamster cage is a wonderful choice. 

Important Information to Keep in Mind 

There are several excellent options available to accommodate your hamster. This is fortunate, as a hamster may try to escape from a cage that is not made well or not filled with the supplies, they need to satisfy their health requirements and their curiosity. 

All of the options presented here have unique and distinct advantages. Some of these may be more important to you depending on what kind of hamster you have. For instance, if you have a larger breed of hamster, cages that are more spacious, like the Prevue Pet Products Small Animal House or the Midwest Home for Pets Deluxe Critters Edition, will probably be more of interest to you. Large hamsters will become stressed in spaces that are too small. So long as you keep your specific hamster in mind, one of these cages should be an excellent choice for you and your pet.