The 5 Best Hamster Climbing Toys

In nature, hamsters are very active little creatures. They are forever foraging, burrowing, running, jumping, and climbing. For this reason, nature has endowed them with bundles of energy. If you keep a hamster as a pet, it is no different.

Pet hamsters need ways to burn energy. This is why we give them toys. Hamsters are also naturally very inquisitive. They simply love to explore. When choosing toys for your hamster, it is always a good idea to give them ladders, bridges, steps, and so forth so that they can climb and explore.

Best Hamster Climbing Toys

Can Hamsters Climb Walls?

What type of climbing toys are best? It really depends on what the toy is made of and its design.

Can a hamster climb a wall? In short; yes, it can. Obviously, there are limitations. A sheer wall of glass would probably be too much for the hamster as it has absolutely no grip. On the other hand, the mesh wall of the cage would be no challenge at all.

Something to be aware of is that hamsters like to jump. It’s recommended to have the top of the cage closed so they can’t jump from too high and hurt themselves. This could potentially happen if they were to climb a toy with the top of the cage off.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best climbing toys available today for your hamster.

Best Climbing Toys for Hamsters

  1. Linifar Hamster Playground Wooden, Small Animal Activity Toys Set
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This is a great set of toys to keep even the most bored or energetic hamster busy. Consisting of a ladder, bridge, tunnel, stepping stone platforms, rings, and a food bowl, this set has a lot of activity options.

Made from applewood, it is natural and safe for your pets. It’s non-toxic so your hamster can safely chew on it too. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools. 


Made of natural wood

Safe to chew for maintaining healthy teeth

A lot of different activity options

Easy to assemble


A little large. May need a bigger cage as it takes up a lot of space.

Made from natural wood and colorful plastic, this toy features a ladder, climbing pegs, a slide, and a sleeping hut. The sleeping hut is a useful addition because it provides your hamster with a cozy place to sleep during daylight hours.

It’s compact and lightweight and requires no assembly. Simply unwrap it, hang the little bell and place it in the cage.



Integrated sleeping hut

Safe for chewing

Bright colored plastic parts


The wood is a little this and may break easily.

Made of natural beech wood, this toy features a platform with a hanging ladder and swing. Simple and easy to install. It does not use up any floor space in the cage so it is suitable for smaller cages.

The wood is untreated and therefore safe for your hamster to chew. Being solid wood, it will last longer. The simple, open design means it is easy to clean.

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Easy installation

Natural, non-toxic wood

Durable construction

Ladder and swing for developing balancing skills


A little small and possibly not suited to larger hamsters.

This set of 12 toys offers a lot of different activity options including climbing. Every hamster is bound to find something they love in this collection. Made of natural applewood, cherry wood, and pine.

Simple and sturdy, these toys will last a long time. Being totally natural, they’re also safe to chew. The toys are all separate and no assembly is required. Simply place all the toys in the cage and wait for your hamster to start enjoying them.


No assembly required

Offers a variety of activities

Durable wood construction

Separate parts can be placed all around the cage


Some items are suitable only for very small pets

A three-piece set consisting of a ladder, hammock, and swing. The hammock is lined with a cotton pad and provides a soft, snug place for your hamster to sleep.

The toys are made from natural and color-treated wood and straw and fixed to the cage with metal chains. The vibrant colors will attract your hamster and they’re non-toxic, so safe for chewing.

The toys are suspended and have little or no footprint on the floor of the cage. 


Simple to install

Safe, non-toxic materials

Durable wood and metal construction

Takes up very little space in the cage


Pets may chew on the metal parts which is not good.

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Still Undecided?

Are you still undecided on what are the best hamster climbing toys for your hamster? We’re sure that the Amazon reviews will help you choose the perfect toys for your hamster. However, if you’re still undecided, we would strongly recommend the Linifar Hamster Playground Wooden, Small Animal Activity Toys Set.