The 5 Best Hamster Climbing Toys

Best Hamster Climbing Toys

In nature, hamsters are very active little creatures. They are forever foraging, burrowing, running, jumping, and climbing. For this reason, nature has endowed them with bundles of energy. If you keep a hamster as a pet, it is no different. … Read more

Best Hamster Travel Cages

Best Hamster Travel Cages

Travelling can be a big issue when you have pets.  You don’t want to leave them behind, and it’s not always easy to take them with you.  Proper travel cages or carriers are required to keep them safe and enjoy … Read more

Best Hamster Chew Toys

Best Hamster Chew Toys

Chew toys provide hamsters with many benefits and pleasures.  Toys give your hamster a sense of happiness, and we all want our pets to be happy.  Choosing the best hamster chew toys for your pet will keep him busy, maintain … Read more

What is the Best Hamster Cage Size?

Best Hamster Cage Size

Hamsters make good pets for a number of reasons, being rather easy to look after and not taking up quite as much space inside your house as a larger pet might. But since hamsters are small and can’t have run … Read more

What Do Baby Hamsters Eat?

What Do Baby Hamsters Eat

When making the choice about adopting a hamster, one of the first topics you might research is on what sort of food they should eat. And it should come as no surprise that a baby hamster would have a different … Read more

How to Keep a Hamster Entertained

How to Keep a Hamster Entertained

While hamsters are easy to take care of, they are also incredibly smart. If you do not provide your hamster with enough entertainment, they will grow bored. When this happens, hamsters are more likely to attempt an escape. How do … Read more

What is the Best Cage for a Dwarf Hamster?

Best Cage for Dwarf Hamster

Your dwarf hamster needs a place where it can be healthy, stretch its legs, feel secure and participate in enriching activities. A good cage that contributes to your pet’s wellbeing is worth the investment because it’s where your hammy will … Read more

What is the Best Cage for a Syrian Hamster?

Best Cage for Syrian Hamster

Your Syrian hamster will spend most of its time in a cage. A good cage will contribute a lot to its overall health and wellbeing. So, it’s important to give your hammy a place where it can explore, feel secure … Read more

Are Hamster Balls Safe?

Are Hamster Ball Safe

Hamsters are prone to obesity and other diseases that stem from lack of exercise. They also get bored easily and need to be entertained. It’s important for your pet to be active on a daily basis so they can stay … Read more

The Best Hamster Cages As Of 2021

Best Hamster Cages

Before you can call yourself the proud owner of a pet hamster, you have to set up a space for them to call home. Getting a good hamster cage is a crucial step in the process of acquiring one of … Read more

8 Best Bedding Options for Hamsters

Bedding Options for Hamsters

One of the most important aspects of hamster ownership is keeping a clean cage. Your pets depend on you to give them a hygienic and healthy environment so they can live their best lives. This is why it’s important to … Read more