Can Hamsters And Chinchillas Live Together?

Whether you are a grown-up or a child, having a pet is just bliss. Playing and spending time with them can make you happy in a unique fashion.

Even if you are not playing with them, it is hilarious to watch them do fuzzy and notorious things around. You can actually relax and forget about stress when your pet is around you,

Can Hamsters And Chinchillas Live Together?

Recently, the trend of taming hamsters and chinchillas has been entirely on the rise. Cute, pretty, and tiny in size, these are adorable and look like a fur-ball.

Both hamsters and chinchillas are easy pets and bond with their owners quite quickly. Since the two have personalities that are both similar and different, they cannot live together.

So, let us meet the two to know what their nature is actually like!

Can Hamsters And Chinchillas Live Together? 

Never! Hamsters and chinchillas cannot live together. They have entirely different personalities.

Hamsters are docile, while chinchillas are aggressive. Leaving them alone can start a fight that is genuinely not desirable.

The best option is to have two cages separated by some covering to not see each other.

What Are The Unique Features Of A Hamster? 

Hamsters are indeed adorable and sweet by nature. They are low maintenance and are expected to live an average life of 2-3 years.

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They love to spend their time with their owners and bond really very quickly. They are very calm and are fond of grooming themselves.

Taming a hamster is an easy and quick task. You might need just a week to make the hamster know you and your house and befriend him.

Some of the unique features of a hamster that make them perfect pet are as follows:

  • They are docile and social.
  • They are easy to tame.
  • They mix with humans quite easily.
  • They love to keep their area clean and are territorial.
  • They love to look perfect and regularly groom themselves.
  • They are nocturnal and notorious.
  • They love to cuddle, play, and spend time with humans
  • They love to be held by their owner.
  • They are exercise lovers and will spend most of their time playing with toys or running on wheels.

What Are The Unique Features Of A Chinchilla?  

Chinchillas are considered to be a great pet when you’re looking for someone small. They have the softest fur and are quite shy by nature.

They are low maintenance and are expected to be with you for around 10-15 years. They are quite simple to keep and do not have any kind of complex requirements.

Some of the unique features of chinchillas are as follows:

  • They have the softest and most luxurious looking fur.
  • They are social, friendly, and docile.
  • They do not take the usual water bath and love to bathe in dust.
  • They range from nocturnal to crepuscular.
  • They are very affectionate.
  • They prefer less cuddling time or being held.
  • They are very speedy and skittish.
  • They can be trained.
  • They tend to be dominant when with other animals and so can hurt others.
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What Should All Things Be Kept In Mind When You Have A Hamster And Chinchilla In Your House? 

Having a hamster and chinchilla together is not a great idea. They are opposite personalities. Keeping them together needs quite a precaution.

It is really good for a pet owner to have both a chinchilla and hamster at your home. But you need to follow the below considerations to ensure their safety:

  • Have two separate cages for both of them.
  • Never leave the cages side-by-side as chinchillas are dominant by nature and can get aggressive by seeing hamsters.
  • Leaving them free needs to be cautious. There should be a separation with proper coverage so that they do not see each other.

If you ever wish to have them introduced to each other, give them time. Start with small interactions under supervision.

If both act in a friendly manner with each other, then you can think of keeping the two cages side-by-side. Again supervision is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hamsters And Chinchillas Be Left Alone To Play Together? 

Never! Hamsters and chinchillas should never be left alone to play together. Chinchillas have dominating nature, while hamsters are docile. There are chances that chinchillas may hurt hamsters to gain dominance. It can be really dangerous for their well-being. 

Can Hamsters And Chinchillas Get Along?

Hamsters and chinchillas usually do not get along. Though both are social, friendly, and curious, still there is a lot of difference in their personalities. Chinchillas cannot share the same cage hamsters. Sometimes, chinchillas can be aggressive and hurt or bite others, causing injury.

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Can Hamsters And Chinchillas Share A Common Space?

Chinchillas and hamsters are unlikely to get along and should not be maintained in the same living space. If you have hamsters and chinchillas in the same room or location, you’ll need to use a cover to block the animals from seeing each other. It will avoid violent territorial behaviour that can hurt them.

Can Chinchillas And Hamsters Share Food?

No! Chinchillas should never be fed with hamster food. The nutritional needs of both are different. Additionally, the hamster’s diet is one of the worst diets for chinchillas that can make him sick.

But the two can definitely share their chew toys!

Can You Keep Hamsters And Chinchillas In The Same Room At Night? 

Not advisable at all! But if you plan to keep hamsters and chinchillas in the same room at night, cover their cage with a cloth. It will restrict them from seeing each other and getting restless. Since both are nocturnal, proper space and cover can help them have a peaceful night in the same room.


Hamsters and chinchillas are both great in their unique way. They are both cute, sweet and small.

Nocturnal by nature, they can make your nights full of the sound of toys and play around. But keeping them together is not a great idea.

Both are solitary and are great pets that will make your day. So, ensure to have proper arrangements to give both these pets their own space.