Can Hamsters Eat Cherries?

Cherries can make for the perfect pie filling, and even a tasty snack all their own. And if you have a taste for cherries, you’ll want to know – can you hamster also eat cherries?

The answer to this important question is, in short – it depends. Certain breeds of hamster that aren’t recommended to have cherries due to the sugar content, but other breeds are able to eat it in moderation.

Can Hamsters Eat Cherries

Read on to get the health information about cherries and find out whether or not it’s a good fit for your hamster.

Cherries Nutrition Information

A whole cup serving gives you roughly the following amounts of vitamins, minerals, and compounds:

  • 87 calories
  • 1 g carbohydrates
  • 9 g fiber
  • 5 g protein
  • .3 g fat
  • 3 iu vitamin A
  • 306 mg potassium
  • 7 mg vitamin C
  • .1 mg vitamin B6
  • .1 mg manganese
  • 2 mg magnesium
  • .3 mg pantothenic acid
  • .1 mg copper
  • 4 mg choline
  • 9 mcg vitamin K
  • 9 mg calcium
  • 29 mg phosphorus

Clearly cherries are a very healthy food, but one fundamental question remains…

How Much Cherries Can You Give a Hamster?

The amount of cherries you can give a hamster is dependent largely on the age of the hamster. Baby hamsters should not eat any cherries at all. Adult hamsters can have up to one whole small cherry, or half of a large cherry. In order to get your hamster used to having cherries, you may want to start them with smaller portions. Always make sure to give your hamster cherries without any additional sugar added (so no canned cherries).

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Always make sure to wash the cherries and completely remove pits before you give them to your hamster.

How Often Should You Give Your Hamster Cherries?

Cherries should be given to hamsters only once in a while, even if Fluffy seems to have developed a taste for it. The recommended serving frequency is once or twice a week, and it’s also important not to give your hamster cherries on the same day as you give it other fruits so as not to overdo it with sugar content. Monitor your hamster for about 12 hours after eating to make sure they exhibit no tummy troubles.

Always give cherries to your hamster alongside a balanced diet of normal hamster food, and make sure that there is plenty of clean water for your hamster to drink after chowing down on some cherries.

What Risks Are Associated With Feeding Hamsters Cherries?

The sugar content in cherries has the potential to trigger or worsen conditions such as obesity and diabetes over time. Certain breeds of hamsters are prone to such conditions, so it is important to consult your veterinarian prior to feeding your hamster cherries, and to proceed under their guidance.

A Final Word on Can Hamsters Eat Cherries

Cherries can be a good source of vitamins and minerals for both people and animals, but when it comes to hamsters, it’s good to use a cautious approach when offering Hammy cherries, only using small portions in accordance with the needs of your hamster breed or the recommendations of your vet. If you take all of the necessary factors into consideration, you and fluffy can be well on your way to sharing a delicious and healthy snack.

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