How Often Should You Feed Your Hamster?

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’ve just gotten a pet hamster. First, congratulations on the adoption of your new furry friend. If there was a Hamster Care 101 course, this would be the second session, all about exactly how often you should feed your hamster, and how much food you should give it at those times.

But in addition to those points, this article will cover a few other things that have to do with hamsters and food, including hamster food storage and hamster overall eating habits.

How Often Should You Feed Your Hamster

How Often Should You Fill Your Hamster’s Food Dish?

Hamsters can stand to have their food dishes filled only once per day. And while this may seem strange because humans and even some other pets can eat multiple meals within a day, the ways in which hamsters eat make it perfectly acceptable to fill the bowl only once every day, perhaps in the morning. Also don’t forget to give your hamster water regularly as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which hamsters have evolved for the purpose of eating.

Food Storage

In the wild, hamsters are a lot like squirrels because they will hoard their food away for times when they will need it and it won’t be readily available. This tendency also translates into domesticated hamsters. You may notice your hamster taking food from the dish and building a sort of stockpile with it. Unlike humans and certain other animals, hamsters don’t eat all of their food in one go; rather, they graze, snacking on the food they’ve stored up whenever they happened to be hungry.

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It’s this tendency that makes it so that hamsters should only be fed once per day, at most, but also keep an eye on their food storage pile. If it gets too big, the pellets at the bottom may become stale or spoiled, so allow Hammy to replenish the pile when the majority of it is gone.

Cheek Pouches

Hamsters use the pouches in their cheeks to transport food, and this is how they’ll get the food from point A to point B. But the pouches can also be storage for the food the hamster is currently eating. Unfortunately, sometimes food can get stuck inside these pouches, so keep an eye on your hamster as they eat.

How Much Food Should You Give Your Hamster?

Because of the hamster’s propensity to store the food, it’s recommended to provide them with no more than two tablespoons of food each day.

If you elect to give your hamster a treat that is outside of their normal diet, consult with your veterinarian first, and give the recommended amount under close supervision.

How Often To Feed Your Hamster – Final Word

One of the first questions asked when choosing a hamster for a pet is how often they should be fed. But in answering that question, one must consider the hamster’s natural tendencies when eating, including and especially their food storage habits.

Now that you’ve read this article, meal time is poised to become a favorite time of day for you and your hamster.