What To Do If Hamsters Have Fleas?

Are you planning to adopt a pet to make it your lovable companion? Then we are sure small, and cute rodents must have crossed your mind. 

If Hamsters are in your mind while looking for a pet, then it would be nice to know a few essential things about these creatures. 

What To Do If Hamsters Have Fleas?

Though they are mostly healthy and fit as well as can take care of themselves, they still can’t fight with infections they get every now and then.

Some of the fatal infections that these Hamsters get are from fleas that tend to live on their body. Fleas are bloodsuckers and can make your Hamster really sick. 

Hence, here we have mentioned all the things you need to learn about keeping your Hamster away from fleas. Keep reading to learn the tricks!

What To Do If Hamsters Have Fleas?

It would be best if you cleaned out the whole cage and put away all the former stuff and bedding. Then, rinse the cage entirely with warm water. Further, leave it to dry out properly.

Next, you need to buy new bedding and lay it inside the cage. 

In case there are any permeable materials like cardboard tubes or any similar toys, remove them from the cage. 

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This is an essential step as such permeable material is a potential home where fleas can breed their eggs.  

How Do You Check Your Hamster For Fleas?

To check whether your Hamster has fleas, use your two fingers and gently part its fur.

Then, try to look carefully at the base of its hair shafts. Do this across its whole body.

If you notice the tiny insects that are moving fast on your Hamster’s body and can jump. Then it is a clear sign that these insects are fleas. 

How Hamsters Get Infested with Fleas?

There are numerous ways in which your Hamster can get infested with fleas. However, below are given the most possible ways a Hamster gets fleas in its body: 

  • Its bedding is the most likely place from where your Hamster can pick up fleas. These fleas actually stay in their bedding and attach to their body when they need to feed on hamster’s blood. 
  • Your cats or dogs are the other top reason why your Hamster can get fleas in its body. This is because domestic pets like cats and dogs already carry fleas in their body. Hence, it is easier for parasites to get into your Hamster’s fur. 

What To Do If Your Hamster Gets Fleas?

A few things that you must immediately do after learning that your Hamster has fleas are: 

  1. Put the Hamster into a washed and dry box while you are putting stuff out from its cage. 
  2. Immediately discard all the toys that are permeable, especially the ones made up of cardboard or softwood. 
  3. Now, properly clean the cage with hot water and soap. 
  4. Further, please keep it in direct sunlight to let it dry completely.
  5. After drying the cage, inspect if there is still something that needs to be cleaned. 
  6. Once cleared, you can put back the fresh bleeding and clean stuff inside the cage again.
  7. Now put back your Hamster into the cage.
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Some other things you can do to get rid of fleas in your Hamster body are:

  • Buy a good Hamster mite spray. These sprays are gentle for your Hamster’s skin. Gently brush the fur and spray it enough so a coat should appear over its skin.
  • You can find various de-fleaing treatments readily available in pet stores. Talk to a medical assistant before buying the most potent strength of the medicine. 
  • Once a month, spray the recommended dose of flea treatment to wherever you are keeping your Hamster. 
  • Properly check the variable of de-fleaing treatments you are buying as it can affect the quality of the medication. Discuss it with your veterinary doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hamsters Get Fleas From Cats?

Yes, in fact, cats are one of the carriers of fleas, and they can directly transfer them to your pet Hamster. Hence, it is advised to keep your other pets away from your Hamster. Also, be aware of the proper treatment and management of fleas, so that infection would not last long.

Can Hamsters Get Fleas From Dogs?

Yes, unfortunately, your pet Hamster is totally defenseless against flea infestations. Dogs usually carry fleas on their body and are likely to spread them to your Hamster if roaming near its cage.  

Even after keeping your environment clean as much as possible, your Hamster can still suffer from fleas.

Do Hamster Fleas Bite Humans?

Yes, ticks and fleas living in Hamsters’ bodies can quickly spread to humans as well as other pets living in the same house. Fleas will attack humans by causing skin infection and redness. If you notice some infections in Hamsters’ skin, contact the veterinarian.

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Can Hamsters Die From Fleas?

Yes, Hamsters can die from fleas if the infection is spread too much in its body. 

These fleas feed themselves solely on blood. As Hamsters are small creatures, tons of fleas sucking their blood can drain a considerable amount of blood from its body. It can make them really sick or even cause death. 


Keeping your Hamster free from fleas is vital for its well-being, and for that, you need to check its entire body for possible infection regularly. 

Fleas can get to your Hamster’s body from various sources; they can come from your other beloved pet animals. 

Hence, it would be much better to keep other pets, especially cats or dogs, free from fleas. The infection might not affect your bigger pets much but can be fatal for a Hamster. 

Do all the mentioned tricks and tips to protect your tiny adorable Hamsters from blood-sucking fleas. Bath your Hamster regularly and visit the veterinarian occasionally.

Hamsters are truly an amazing pet to have; they are fluffy, cute looking, energetic and highly entertaining. Keep your Hamster safe and love them unconditionally!