Where Should I Put My Hamster Cage?

Are you thinking of getting a hamster, but not quite sure where in your home to keep it? If so, this guide is for you. Hamsters can be puzzling creatures and understanding their needs is something every new owner must learn. Whilst they can make lovely fluffy pets, it’s important to remember that they are in fact very active animals. In the wild they run for miles each night! As their natural habitat is not domestic, they can find a home environment stressful if they aren’t given the right conditions. However, with a bit of thought it’s possible to create a lovely set up for your hamster and keep them very happy. 

Where is the Best Place in my House?

To keep your hamster as happy as possible there’s a few things to consider. When choosing where you should put the cage, you should first ask yourself these questions?

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  • How noisy is the room?
  • What is the temperature of the room?
  • Is the room secure?
  • What is the lighting like in the room?

It’s Best to Choose Somewhere Quiet 

Hamsters are nocturnal. That means that most of the day while you are awake, they will be trying to snooze. Therefore, your best bet is to keep the cage somewhere as quiet as possible. That way they won’t be disturbed by people making noise throughout the day and will be able to get the rest they need. No one wants a grumpy hamster – they can get a bit irritated if they don’t get to sleep enough. It’s in your best interest to put the cage somewhere as quiet as possible to have a happy pet. 

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It’s not just people that could keep your hamster awake. Vibrations from televisions or speakers can also aggravate them. It’s best to find somewhere they can live where they won’t be disturbed by a TV.  

Find Somewhere Warm

Hamsters are often found in the desert and so definitely prefer warmer climates! If they get too cold (usually below 10C) there’s a danger that they might start hibernating to keep warm. The best temperature to keep your hamster’s cage is between 18-21C. You don’t want them to get too hot though as this can cause them major problems. It’s also a good idea to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from and cold draughts. 

Make Sure you Pick Somewhere Secure

Hamsters love the challenge of escaping! Pick a secure cage and make sure you keep it shut properly when you aren’t there. It’s sensible to position your cage in a secure room too, so that if your pet does manage to get out of the cage, then they can’t go far.  Hamsters are known for hiding under floorboards or in small spaces once they escape!

Avoid Ultrasound

Hamsters have an amazing hearing ability and can detect sounds that the human ear can’t.  Ultrasound comes from TVs and computers and although we can’t hear it, it can stress hamsters out a lot. You probably didn’t know, but ultrasound can also come from pipes too. That means that putting your hamster’s cage near a dishwashers or washing machine can be traumatising. 

Now that we’ve set the scene and described the ideal location for your hamster, let’s look at some frequently asked questions when it comes to finding a home for your cage:

Can I put my Hamster Cage Outside?

Unless you live in a very warm climate, it’s likely that the outdoors will be too cold for your pet. Hamster’s should be kept at between 18-21C. Remember that even in the summer, temperatures often drop well below this at night.

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It’s also important to consider the other dangers your hamster would be exposed to outdoors. Do you have other pets that use the garden? Are there other wild animals nearby? Hamsters can get very scared by dogs, foxes or other large animals lurking outside their enclosure. Therefore, it’s advised to keep your cage inside if you can. 

Can I put my Hamster Cage on the Floor?

There shouldn’t be a problem with putting your hamster’s cage on the floor as long as the other conditions are right. Avoid especially warm areas near fireplaces or radiators – you don’t want a cooked hamster! Damp and draughty spots are not good either. Bathrooms, garages and utility rooms can be very humid so should be avoided. 

If putting your cage on the floor, make sure that it’s not in an area that will cause anyone to trip up. You also want to be able to access the cage easily to clean it out and play with your pet. Having a cage at eye level (on a table for example) may make this easier. 

Can I put my Hamster Cage in my Closet?

When looking for a quiet and warm location for your hamster cage, a closet may seem like the perfect solution. But be careful! Hamsters, like any living creature, need fresh air and ventilation to stay alive. You should NEVER put your hamster in a closet and close the door. Doing so could cause them to suffocate. If you have a closet without doors, that’s in a well-ventilated space, you may be able to get away with putting your cage there. This should be a last resort though and you should find another location if possible.

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Can I put my Hamster Cage in the Conservatory?

No, no, no! Putting your hamster cage in a conservatory is one of the worst things you could do for your pet. Conservatories can act like greenhouses and can get hot very quickly. This makes them dangerous homes for hamsters and can cause them to overheat.

With a bit of consideration, it’s possible to find the right place to put your hamster cage and create a comfortable home for your hamster. Just make sure you keep it warm enough, quiet enough and away from any dangers and you’ll have a happy and healthy little pet!