Do Hamsters Bite?

If hamsters are known throughout the world of house pets as anything, it’s of being quite docile and very cute. But even the cutest of hamsters can occasionally act out. And if hamster behavior problems is a topic of particular interest to you, you may find yourself wondering if hamsters ever bite.

In short, yes, hamsters can bite. But the good news is that hamsters are not known to bite without a reason.

Do Hamsters Bite

This article will take a closer look at reasons why hamsters may bite another hamster – or even their owner – and how, if at all, biting can be curbed or avoided.

Reasons a Hamster May Bite


This may seem like a broad category, but we’ll use the word ‘aggression’ here to mean fighting with other hamsters. Certain breeds, such as Syrian hamsters, can be antisocial and territorial by nature, and if provoked, they may try to take a bite out of the threat to their territory. To avoid this, if you have more than one hamster, it is ideal to keep them in separate cages.

Medical Conditions

If your hamster is injured, they may bite in order to defend themselves, just as they would do in order to protect an injury if they were in the wild. So prior to trying to handle your hamster, take a minute to observe them for a limp or any sort of injury.

Occasionally, certain disorders and diseases may cause hamsters to bite, including mange and rabies. If your hamster appears uninjured but displays sudden and intense aggression, contact your veterinarian for their perspective and assistance in properly diagnosing and treating your furry friend.

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Fear can provoke just about any creature to lash out. Your hamster might be afraid if they are new to you and their habitat. Handle your hamster with care until they get used to your presence and their surroundings. And even after they are used to you, always be gentle with your furry friend. If they get handled too roughly, they may bite out of that same fear instinct for self defense.

Another way to spook your hamster is to jar them awake. Hamsters are mostly active at night, so if you try to pick them up during the daytime when they’re trying to snooze, they may have a nip at you because they are disoriented. Always try to handle your hamster when it’s awake.

Do Hamsters Bite – A Final Word

If your hamster is well cared for, biting should be an extremely rare occurrence. But even if it does happen from time to time, it very seldom ever happens without a reason. So in order to make sure your hamster doesn’t bite, it’s good to follow a few of the steps that we’ve already looked at – making sure your hamster has enough space if there’s more than one of them, being vigilant for any sort of injury or signs of disease or disorder, and being gentle with your hamster, whether he be new or old.