Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Poop?

Having a pet is a great responsibility. You would require to feed him, take care of him, and give him proper time to make him feel homely. 

While some pets require quite a high level of maintenance, some can be tamed easily and low maintenance. One such fantastic pet is a hamster.

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Poop?

Hamsters are small, furry, cute, and skittish pets from the rodent family. They are social, highly active, and playful by nature that will always make you feel happy.

The nocturnal hamsters are full of life and surprises for their pet owners. It might sound a bit awkward, but hamsters eat their poop too.

Weird, right! So, let us look at why hamsters eat their poop and if there is any way you can stop them from doing so.

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Poop? 

Of Course, they do! It should not come as a surprise for you. Hamsters do eat their poop, and it is healthy as well as necessary for them.

Hamsters get a few of their nutrition needs completed from their droppings. It is their primary way of getting significant vitamins like B12 for their body.

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Is It Safe When Hamsters Eat Their Poop? 

Yes! It is entirely safe for the hamster to eat their poop. It is their basic nature and also the only way to complete their need for vitamins and nutrients.

Few nutrients may not be absorbed by the body first; eating poop can fulfill the deficiency. So, do not worry if your hamster eats its own poop.

What Are The Reasons Due To Which Hamsters Eat Their Own Poop?

Hamsters poop a lot throughout the day. But one of the factors that are important to note here is that hamsters eat their own poop.

It might sound disgusting for humans, but eating their own poop for hamsters and a few other animals is imperative. The habit of eating your own poop is called coprophagia.

Hamsters are one of them. Though they are very neat pets and love to groom and clean themselves regularly, this is a habit that they follow based on their needs.

The main reason due to which a hamster eats its own poop is because of its digestive system. The speed of their digestive system makes it inefficient to digest food before it’s excreted.

To complete the nutrient needs, a hamster eats poop. It gives their bodies a second chance to absorb the nutrients which were deficient in the first phase.

Hamsters need vitamin B and vitamin K for their body, and poop is really a great source of the same. Vitamin B deficiency can cause weight loss, and lack of vitamin K can cause weak bones due to difficulty absorbing calcium.  

A hamster will not consume all of the excrement it produces. They only eat the bits that their bodies tell them they require and from which they can obtain additional nourishment.

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So, if your hamster eats its own poop, then it is just for one reason which is to fulfill its nourishment needs.

Can You Prevent Hamsters From Eating Their Own Poop?

You can try, but actually, it is not going to work. It is into the nature of the hamster to eat their poop and fulfil their nutrient needs.

Even if you give your hamster better and more nutritious needs, he will still be required to eat his own poop. So, allow your pet hamster to eat their poop; it is entirely healthy and safe for them.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Hamsters Night Poop For Them? 

The night poop is actually the one that the hamsters need. A hamster has two types of droppings:

  • Day time regular and dry ones
  • Nighttime soft ones

The night excrement contains a lot of vitamin B12, and it’s practically the only method for him to get that vitamin. So, the night poop is what they actually need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hamsters Eat Their Own Poop? 

Yes, hamsters do eat their own poop. It is in their nature to eat it. It is one of the primary sources of various nutrients that their body needs, especially vitamin B and vitamin K. Although you may offer them other nutrient supplements, they will still complete their entire needs by eating night poop.

Why Do Hamsters Throw Their Poop?

Hamsters throw their poop for various reasons. It is one of their common behaviours. When bored, marking territory, or cleaning their environment, hamsters may hurl their poop. In cages, hamsters will frequently discover ways to keep their environment clean, including flinging their feces.

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Why Do Hamsters Pull Out Their Poop?

Sometimes hamsters do pull out their poop. It is quite normal behaviour for a hamster to pull out his poop and eat it. It is usually the soft poop that might stick to their fur and would require a bit of help to drop. It is definitely normal and usual, so there is nothing to worry about.

Why Do Hamsters Poop On Their Food?

Hamsters cannot be trained especially for pooping at a particular place. There are chances that they may poop anywhere anytime. They are known not to poop at one place, and there are chances that they may accidentally poop in their food. So, it is an honest mistake when the hamster poops on their food.

Is It Good For Hamsters To Eat Their Poop? 

Definitely, it is. When the hamster eats their night poop, their basic nutritional needs are fulfilled in the best manner. It is normal, and if your hamster eats the poop, then it is perfectly good for them.


Hamsters are perfect pet-friendly for those who need a small and social pet for them. They are docile and are great cuddlers and can make your day most beautifully.

At the same time, they are easy to tame and quite clean. But seeing them eat poop might not be liked by you, but it is actually needed for them.

So, if your hamster is eating poop, then it is perfectly normal. Further, it shows that they are getting the nutrients they need and are healthy.