Are Hamsters Hard To Care For?

Having a sweet furry friend at home is the best thing. Playing with them, cuddling, and holding them after a long day at work can make you feel good. 

But do you know which furry friend should be your kid’s first pet? Exactly, a hamster! And guess what, these are the easiest to take care of.

Are Hamsters Hard To Care For?

The friendly, small, tiny, and cute hamster will not only befriend your little ones but are easy to take care of too. 

So, let us look at some precise facts about taking care of a hamster and what exactly a hamster is like. Let’s dive in!

Are Hamsters Hard To Care For?

Not at all, Hamsters are fun to play with and easy to handle. From grooming them to offering them a beautiful house and sharing moments of affection, you can make your hamster happy. With quite a low cost of maintenance, hamsters are loners and love to be held in arms. 

How To Take Care Of A Hamster? 

There is no pet cuter than a Hamster. So, if you are planning to get one, here are the things that you need to consider while taking care of a hamster:


Hamsters love to play and explore. So, get a cage that is spacious, easy to clean, and most importantly, escape-proof. You don’t want your furry friend to escape, right!

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Hamsters love to have a cosy place to nap. So try wood shavings, paper shredding, or a fibre-based soft material. Remember to change bedding weekly.

Food And Water Containers

Hamsters are chewers. Offer them nutritional pellet food in heavy but shallow. For the water, use the hanging water bottle with a stainless-steel spout. 

Play Corner

Hamsters are playful and love to run around, so get them a perfect wheel. Add colorful toys, use balls, or anything that helps them to exercise. Well, they are great fitness lovers.

Hiding Corner

You know that hamsters love to hide in dark places. So, add an upside-down wooden box with an entry door for the hamster to go and sleep or just relax. 

What do you say, isn’t that easy? The cute little hamster is truly fun to live with. And the best thing about them is that they are social, so they will surely love living around you. But remember, hamsters are scared of loud noises, so avoid them. 

How To Clean Hamster Cage Properly? 

Hamsters are not only social but love to have clean space to dwell. A cage that is not properly maintained can make your hamster ill. 

So, here are quick tips to make their cage happy for them. 

Tip 1: Apart from having sufficient space in the cage, keep the cage in a lighted area. Additionally, give fresh food daily and change the water regularly. 

Tip 2: Avoid cleaning bedding weekly by removing filthy ones; rather, try to change them. Smelly bedding can irritate and make them annoyed. 

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Tip 3: Wash the cage with warm water and neutral soap every 3-4 days. Let the cage dry completely before placing the bedding and toys. 

Who would not love to live in such a beautiful and hygienic house, right! So make that pretty cage comfortable and happier for your hamster to see them have fun. 

What Toys To Add In Hamster Cage To Play With? 

Hamsters have a lot of energy and love to play. Not only that, looking at the hamster while they play is super cute. 

So, here are a few things that you should add for your friend to let them stay fit and active.

  • Get an exercise wheel to run infinitely till exhausted.
  • Some chew toys to have fun and gnaw.
  • A tunnel to play hide and seek and safely run around.
  • Balls to have a great game time with you.

Easy to find and fun to play, that’s the motto of a hamster’s game zone. And yes, rotate these toys from time to time to avoid boredom. 

What Are Pros Of Having A Hamster? 

Well, hamsters are indeed very easy to take care of. But you must be wondering what makes hamsters such perfect furry friends. So here they are:

  • They are easy to tame and social.
  • They love to play and are fun to watch.
  • They are quite low-maintenance.
  • They are super cuddly and friendly.
  • They don’t take a lot of space.
  • They teach kids responsibility.

 True right! So, getting a hamster is indeed one great decision.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Hamsters Difficult To Take Care Of?

Hamsters are quite friendly and social creatures. They are nocturnal too and so learning about the right way to take care of them is important. Frankly, it is not really that difficult to take care of a Hamster but knowing their basic needs of food, bedding, and shelter can help a lot. 

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Are Hamsters A Lot Of Work To Take Care Of?

Hamsters do not require a lot of attention from the owner. They are mostly into themselves and love spending their time playing or running on the wheel. They are 

cuddly, and playful by nature but are also a little sneaky. So, make sure the cage is properly closed. Apart from that, there is not a lot of work involved in taking care of a hamster. 

Are Dwarf Hamsters Hard to Take Care of?

There are different species of dwarf hamsters and each of them has specific personality traits. Generally, dwarf hamsters are low maintenance and easy to take care of, however they might not necessarily form a strong bond with the owner like dogs or cats.


Aren’t hamsters cute? Well, they are super adorable and easy to take care of. These nocturnal creatures are small, notorious, and sneaky by nature and can make your days special and fun. From feeding them to playing with them, hamsters are social and friendly. 

 You can easily tame them and teach them tricks which they enjoy too. Hamsters love their owners, too, like any other pet. 

So, if you are getting a hamster, be ready to have a daily play-date, exercise-partner, and cuddler. Be sure to make the little furry friend happy with great fresh food and colorful, safe toys.