Why Do Hamsters Lick You?

Hamsters are pretty and little furry rodents that are the perfect pet to have. They are friendly, social, and can be tamed very easily.

Quite a lovable pet, they love showing affection to their owners by licking them or cuddling with them. Like any other pet, hamsters usually lick as a sign of love and affection.

Why Do Hamsters Lick You?

But there are chances that they lick due to sodium deficiency as well. Improper diet and care can lead to deficiencies that can make a hamster lick you continuously.

So, let us understand the behavior of the hamster more in this post. Also, let us look at how to know if your furry friend is showering love and affection on you.

Why Do Hamsters Lick You? 

Don’t be alarmed by this. It is quite a usual behavior displayed by hamsters. It is the sign of affection and love that they have for you.

But if your hamster licks not only you but also the cage or any other things around, better to keep an eye on his health. There are chances that he might have sodium deficiency. 

Is It Normal For Hamsters To Lick Humans Fingers? 

Quite common, though. Hamsters do lick human fingers to show their love and affection. Sometimes, it is just their way of saying that they know who you are.

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While most of the time it’s fine, frequent licking can be worrisome. It can be a sign of lack of sodium, and so getting a salt lick for your hamster can help.

How Do Hamsters Show Their Affection To You? 


This is just perfect, isn’t it! Seeing the beautiful and small hamsters showering their love and affection for you is indeed one of the best experiences to have. 

Being social and cuddly, there are various ways in which hamsters reflect their affection for you. The most prominent ones are as follows:

  • It will show off to you by coming around the edge of the cage as soon as you enter the room.
  • It will try to get your attention by licking you or running around you.
  • It will stay around you even after you have been given the treat just to play.
  • It will stretch and yawn around you to ask for pats and rubs.
  • It will love cuddling with you as soon as you hold him.
  • It would move around or behind you asking you to pick him up.
  • It will listen to you and will be quite easy to tame.
  • It will be at ease and non-aggressive when around you, showing trust and affection.
  • It will run towards you when you call his name.

Is It Safe When Hamsters Licks You? 

Yes! It is absolutely safe when a hamster licks you. They are saying you are family to them now. Ensure to wash your hands properly after the hamster licks you to avoid any infection. 

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Also, if you have lotion or anything applied to your skin, please ensure that hamsters do not lick. It can be harmful to them.

What Are The Ways To Stop Hamsters From Licking You? 

Well, it is not easy to stop hamsters from licking you. Hamsters lick because they want to show you affection and love.

But, if they start biting or nibbling, it is essential to stop licking. Few ways that you can adopt to stop hamsters from licking you are as follows:

  • Move your hand away when they lick you.
  • Engage them in some other activity.
  • Give them some chew toy to nibble and lick on.
  • Try to move away when they start licking you.

While you try to do so, make sure not to hurt your little friend. Try to be calm and friendly while you are interacting with them. Play with them to show you still love them as they do you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Hamsters Lick Your Hands?


It’s all about love and affection! Hamsters lick your hands to show that they love you and you are now their family. Another interesting reason is that hamsters have a strong sense of smell. They sometimes lick your hand as they identify your hand as one that offers them treats and snacks every day.

Why Do Hamsters Lick Their Cage?

Usually, hamsters lick their cage to identify their area and develop an understanding of where they live. They do not have the thinking ability of humans, but their sensory organs are strong, which helps them. Sometimes they do so to indicate their frustration of being inside and wish to come out.

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Why Do Hamsters Lick Their Owners?

Do not be alarmed to see your hamster licking you. It is their sign of showing affection and love to their owner. Hamsters are very social and friendly, and when they accept you as their owner or family, they will show off their love towards you by licking you. A hamster licking its owner shows a healthy relationship.

Why Do Hamsters Lick Themselves?

Hamsters love to groom themselves and stay clean. They lick their fur, hands, and legs to ensure they are neat all the time. Also, they love their owners very much, but they try to remove your scent from their fur by licking and grooming because of their territorial nature. They sure do not want to smell like humans.


Hamsters are genuinely marvelous. Even being so petite, they are very active, notorious, and social by nature. Their ability to mix with humans soon makes them the perfect pet.

And when you are looking for a pet that likes to stay neat and tidy, hamsters make a great choice. They love to stay clean by continuously grooming and licking their fur. Also, they very well know how to show their love towards you by licking and staying around you.

So, if you are planning to get a hamster for your or your kid, be ready to get a furry ball of love. Make sure to give him proper space and a nutritious diet to keep him active and playful.