Why Do Hamsters Bite Their Cage?

Hamsters are tiny furry balls of joy. They are cuddly, pretty, and small, with a sweet baby face that makes them look amazing.

Not only that, hamsters are notorious and great escape artists too. They are playful, and even when you are not playing with them, just watching them will make you immensely happy.

Why Do Hamsters Bite Their Cage?

Though hamsters are pretty social and understandable, there is one thing that is still an aspect to worry about. Hamsters are seen to bite their cage rigorously.

Though it is usually when they are angry or are just willing to get attention, it is still a concern as it can hurt them. So, what can you do to stop hamsters from biting their cage? 

Worried thinking of the answers! Let us have a quick look at various aspects in the article over here.

Why Do Hamsters Bite Their Cage? 

A hamster bites his cage for four main reasons: stress, anxiety, depression, or boredom. The ultimate aim is to get your attention.

Infact, hamsters have the habit of biting things, and usually, it’s harmless. When you see aggressive behavior, it is vital to take quick steps to stop it at the earliest.

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Is It Safe When Hamsters Bite Their Cage? 

Biting cage bars is a usual behavior, but you must stop it at the earliest. It can have multiple adverse effects on a hamster’s health.

Tooth trauma, toxicity, injuries, or anxiety attacks causing them harm are few to list. As a pet owner, it is crucial to discourage hamsters from biting their cage.

What Type Of Cage Are Safe For Hamsters Due To Their Biting Habit?

Hamsters have a habit of biting the cage to attract the owner’s attention. Hence it is vital to get a cage that is safe from them with no toxic material.

The best ones are the glass or wooden-based cage. If unavailable, then toxic-free plastic or bar-wired cages with non-toxic paint can be used as well.

What Are The Reasons Due To Which Hamsters Bite Their Cage?

Hamsters are social and very playful. Even when busy, they can keep themselves busy running on the wheel or playing with toys.

Being nocturnal, they are highly active during the nights. Also, hamsters are known for their grooming and love for cleanliness.

But hamsters are the ones who bite their cage for plenty of reasons. The most common reasons are as follow:

  • When a hamster is alone, sad, or nervous.
  • When the hamster’s teeth are growing.
  • In case the hamster is anxious, stressed, or depressed.
  • When a hamster is trying to get your due attention.
  • In case there is loud noise around which makes them anxious.
  • If there is inactivity or no interaction for long.
  • In case of health issues, mainly linked to vitamin or mineral deficiency.

What Can Pet Owners Do Stop Hamsters From Biting Their Cage? 

Hamsters biting their cage continuously or quite frequently is one serious concern. The owner needs to take the necessary steps to stop the hamster from biting its cage.

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As there are various side-effects of biting the cage for hamsters, proper attention needs to be paid to stop this habit. The broad ways to do the same are as follows:

  • Spend time with the hamster to make him feel happy.
  • Play with the hamster so that he is not stressed or sad.
  • Give him some soft or wooden-based toys to bite and chew on.
  • Enrich their home with things that make them happy.
  • Avoid loud and screeching sounds by placing the cage in a quiet room.
  • Consult a vet, and add the nutrition that the hamster lacks in his diet.
  • Move the cage to another location that is airy, pleasant, and offers appropriate light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Hamsters Bite Their Cage Bars?


Hamsters are rodents, and it is in their nature to bite the cage bars. They love to gnaw on things around them. But biting the cage bars is harmful as it can hurt them, and paint can be toxic for their health. Taking appropriate measures to divert their attention and stop biting is thus essential.

Why Do Hamsters Bite Their Cage At Night?

Hamsters are nocturnal and are highly active at night. While you sleep, there are chances that he will soon get bored by playing around. The main reason why hamsters bite their cage more at night is that they are alone and bored. They wish to seek your attention or have someone to play with.

Why Do Hamsters Climb Their Cage?

Hamsters are natural climbers and love to explore around them. They climb the cage due to their instincts and do enjoy this activity a lot. It allows them to release some of the energy and relax. But make sure to have a properly sealed cage, or else hamsters can escape by climbing to the top.

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Why Do Hamsters Chew Their Cage?

Hamsters have the habit of gnawing at toys, cages, and food. But when the hamster is stressed or aggressive, chewing the cage can be harsh for them. Though the hamster cannot chew through the cage, it can hurt or injure them. Diverting their attention to some toy or playing with them can avoid it.

Why Do Hamsters Lick Their Cage? 

Hamsters lick not only their cage but also your hand, finger, or toys. The basic reason for licking is to display love. But when the hamster licks the cage, he is likely to face nutrient deficiency, especially sodium. Consulting a vet for an appropriate method to fulfill nutrients needs is best.


Hamsters are one of the most unique and beautiful pets to have. They are cute, social, and friendly and love to play around.

They are brilliant, docile, and are quite comfortable around humans. They are spotless and do not shed fur, making them a perfect pet.

Though hamsters are easy to tame, their nature to bite and gnaw on things needs to be taken care of properly. Constant biting on a cage can hurt them and is a sign of ill health, so make sure to make them happy by spending time with them and playing with them.