Are Hamsters Litter Trained?

Hamsters are habitual of keeping things clean and so can be easily litter trained. Though it might take a few days, it is easy. 

They have a habit of setting a corner in their cage or house to pee and poop to keep their space clean. So, litter training is even simpler. Let us find out how to litter train hamsters.

Are Hamsters Litter Trained?

Are Hamsters Litter Trained? 

Yes! It might be surprising to many people, but hamsters can be easily litter trained. They naturally prefer to fix a corner spot to use as the littered place.

Their nature to keep space clean makes it easy to litter train them. Once trained, it will make both hamster and owner happy and content.

Do Hamsters Pee And Poop Everywhere?

In the beginning, the hamster will poop and pee everywhere in the cage. Eventually, with time he will fix a spot to use for the same purpose.

Though this might take a week or two, once the hamster fixes the spot, you can place the litter box there, and he will sort the rest to start litter training.

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What Can You Use As A Litter Box For Your Hamster?


There are both commercial and DIY options to create the litter box for hamsters. You can use litter pans, use a plastic container, a ceramic dish, or a bowl with blunt edges.

Ensure the box is easy for the hamster to climb in. For litter, try wood, paper, grain, or grass which is dust-free and scent-free.

How To Get Hamsters Trained To Use Their Litter Box?

Hamsters are very smart pets and can be easily trained to perform tricks or use the litter box. They are fast learners and are great when it comes to connecting with humans.

But when it comes to training the hamster to get used to their litter box, the owner needs to be patient and move ahead systematically. 

So, once you have everything, follow the steps below to train your hamster to use the litter box:

  • Check the cage for the corner where the hamster usually keeps the waste.
  • Once you spot it, clean it and place the litter box at that particular corner only.
  • Make sure there is sufficient litter in the box.
  • Add some soiled bedding and droppings of your hamster in the box.
  • See if the hamster is checking the box or not.
  • If not, help him navigate to the box.
  • Follow this for a few days until the hamster understands and identifies the box.
  • Now, the hamster is ready to use the litter box.

While you successfully train the hamster to use the litter box, there are things you must do to keep your hamster healthy. They are:

  • Keep the litter box clean
  • Ensure to change the litter every day to avoid infection
  • Change the litter you are using if the hamster seems to be uncomfortable.
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Ensuring to follow simple steps will help keep your hamster healthy and save you from the cleaning burden.

Why Do Hamsters Avoid Using A Litter Box?

Hamsters love to stay clean and keep their space tidy. But if your hamster is not using the litter box, the major reasons can be:

  • The cage is small for a hamster.
  • Hamsters use litter boxes as beds.
  • Hamsters use it to hide food.
  • Hamsters are not comfortable with litter.
  • The corner you chose is wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hamsters Potty Trained? 

Believe it or not, hamsters are quite easily potty trained. They are smart and intelligent creatures. They love to keep their sp[ace clean and tidy, making it even easier to potty train them. With just a few days of effort, you can guide their way to the litter box to make the space smell good and clean.

Are Hamsters Easy To Be Litter Trained?

Quite easy! Training the hamster to use the litter box is simple and quick. Hamsters enjoy keeping their cages and themselves tidy. Adding a litter box to your pet’s home is ideal for keeping them happy and avoiding unpleasant odors. It’s a perfect win-win situation for both the hamster and the owner!

Which Litter Is Best For Hamster’s Litter Training?

There are various litters, but the litters designed for hamsters and other small animals are the best. Paper, straw, wood pulp, sand, and other plant-based materials are most used as hamster toilet litter. Also, never use sawdust or wood shavings, especially if they are from pine or cedar trees.

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Can You Use Sand For Hamsters Litter Training?

Yes, you can use sand for hamster’s litter training. It allows liquids to form separate clumps; sand is an excellent potty substrate. During spot cleaning, these can be simply swept up without much hassle. You can utilize a single absorbent substrate, like sand, or a combination like sand plus pellets.

How Long Does It Take For Hamsters To Get Litter Trained?

No benchmark defines the minimum time required for hamsters to get litter trained. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for the hamster to get familiar with the litter box and use it, sometimes even earlier. If he is reluctant to use it after weeks, try changing the spot, litter, or box.


Hamsters are great pets and make the owners happy with their playful nature. They are fluffy, social, and cuddly, making them cute.

Playful and nocturnal by nature, they are highly active. Additionally, hamsters are one such pet that is quite clean and loves to keep their space tidy.

By nature, they pee and poop in one place only. It makes it easier for the owner to train the hamster for using the litter box.

So, if you have a pet hamster, just have some patience and collect the right litter box to start the training. We are sure; soon, your hamster will be using the litter box happily!