Are Hamsters Better In Pairs?

A hamster is loner by nature. They prefer to live alone and avoid the company of other hamsters. Hamsters prefer to interact with humans over other hamsters. When kept in pairs, hamsters can end up fighting and injuring each other.

It depends on breed, too; some hamsters love to be in pairs while others don’t. 

Are Hamsters Better In Pairs?

Are Hamsters Better In Pairs? 

Hamster owners are worried about getting a partner for their furry friend. But based on their nature, not all hamsters love to have another hamster in their territory.

When your hamster is in a pair, he or she is more likely to experience stress. So, it is better to keep hamsters alone rather than in pairs.

Should Hamsters Live Alone Or Be Kept In Pairs?

Hamsters are territorial, and it’s preferable to have only one in each cage. Putting more than one hamster in the same cage can result in some terrible fights.

So, even if you have more than one hamster at home, it is better to keep them apart. Rather, they are best when they live alone and solitary.

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What Happens When Two Hamsters Are Kept In The Same Cage?

Hamsters are social but love to live alone. They prefer to mark their territory and avoid sharing space with other hamsters.

Even if the hamster per owner tries to keep two hamsters in one cage, there are chances that they might get into a messy fight. It is even possible that it can cause stress in hamsters.

Hamsters are mostly territorial in nature and love to stay alone. The potential outcomes of keeping hamsters in the same cage are:

  • Hamsters will get stressed.
  • They will display aggressive behavior.
  • They might get involved in a fight.
  • They may injure each other.

And, if it is one male and another female hamster, you can pretty soon get many as it is hard for spaying or neutering a hamster.

Is It Better To Have 2 Males Or 2 Females Living Together As Pairs?

If you plan to get two hamsters, then it is better to have either two males or two females. Keeping one male and one female is not advisable.

Also, you should focus on the breed of the hamster as well. Since not all breeds are friendly, knowing the ones that are is important.

Say, Dwarf hamsters love the company of other hamsters of the same breed, but Syrian or Chinese prefer to be alone. Also, dwarf hamsters are easy to introduce and get stressed less.

So, before you decide, make sure about the breed as well. 

What To Do If You Want To Keep Two Hamsters Together In The Same Cage? 

Hamsters are lonely creatures and try to avoid the company of other hamsters to a great extent. They are loners and are happier to play by themselves all alone.

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But, if you are planning to have two hamsters in the same cage, you should focus on a few considerations.

  • Introduce the hamsters when they are very young.
  • Have a big and spacious cage that offers sufficient space for both.
  • Ensure to offer space for bedding, food bowl, and separate water bottle.
  • Offer them a separate wheel and litter box.
  • Ensure that both hamsters are of the same gender.
  • Keep an eye on their behavior and activities. 

If you find any stressed or aggressive behavior even after supervision, remove one hamster from the cage and keep it in another. It will help them to deal with anger.

Timely separating the hamsters in such a situation can avoid chances of fight that can be harmful to either or both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hamsters Comfortable In Group? 

Not really! Hamsters are looners and love to stay alone. They prefer to have a human friend rather than have other hamster friends. Even in the wild, they mark their territory and fight to secure their space from other hamsters. So, it is better to keep one hamster rather than have hamsters in a group.

Are Hamsters Happy To Share Their Space?

Hamsters are territorial creatures. They mark a space of their own and prefer that no other hamster enter their territory. They are used to living alone and dislike sharing their living area with another member of their species. So, having one hamster is best to avoid the need to share space.

Do Hamsters Ever Get Lonely?

Never! It can be strange for people, but hamsters never get lonely. Hamsters are used to living alone, so introducing a new one can be a bit inconvenient. Adding a new hamster can make the first one defensive and lead to fighting. So, if you have one hamster, just get him toys and a wheel, that’s all.

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Are Hamsters Good With Other Hamsters?

It is situational. Some hamster kinds get along well with one another, whereas others do not. Keeping brothers and sisters together is better because they have known each other since infancy. Hamsters who have been raised together are likely to have figured out where they stand with one another.

Can Male And Female Hamsters Be Kept Together?

Never! You should never keep a male and a female hamster together. The primary reason behind avoiding keeping a male and a female hamster together, they will breed very fast. Also, getting a hamster spayed or neutered is risky. So, avoid keeping two hamsters of the opposite gender together.


There is no doubt that hamsters are perfect pets for those who are looking for one small furry friend at home. They are clean, tidy, friendly, and easy to tame.

But when it comes to keeping hamsters in pairs, you need to be very cautious. Territorial by nature, they can get into fights that can hurt them badly. 

Hamsters are happy when housed alone, but if you are looking for a pair, focus on same-gender and dwarf hamsters as they are easier to train and tame.