Best Hamster Travel Cages

Travelling can be a big issue when you have pets.  You don’t want to leave them behind, and it’s not always easy to take them with you.  Proper travel cages or carriers are required to keep them safe and enjoy your trip. If your pet is a hamster, finding the best hamster travel cage is important.  Hamsters are sensitive creatures, and changes acutely influence them in their surroundings.  Not only that, but they get anxious easily, so they must feel safe and secure within their cage.

To help you find the best hamster travel cage, we have compiled a list of the top ten best cages on the market.

Best Hamster Travel Cages

Full List of the Best Hamster Travel Cages

The Living World Hagen hamster carrier is a fantastic solution to travelling with your hamster.  This durable cage has two handles for easy carry and a large opening for easy access and cleaning.  It’s well-ventilated for your fluffy friend and is made from non-chewable plastic.  The ridged bottom of the cage keeps it from sliding around when you set it down.  There is a locking system in place so your hamster cannot escape.

The Habitrail transport system has a carry handle and is perfect for carrying small animals like hamsters.  This travel cage has a retractable roof so you can see your pet and good airflow for comfort and ventilation.

Lee’s Kritter Keeper is shaped like a box rather than a ball.  There are self-locking lid and feeder windows.  A variety of colour options makes it an attractive option for children.  There is a cut out in the cage to hold a small water bottle.

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This carry and go travel habitat has a water bottle, food dish and exercise wheel for your hamster.  This is a safe and secure cage with an easy-carry handle.  Other accessories from CritterTrail can be attached to make a larger space for your hamster.  This is an ideal carrier for long trips, as everything you need for your hamster’s comfort is included.

This is a bag-style carrier that’s lightweight and very portable.  There are lots of air holes for ventilation to keep your hamster healthy.  The CROWNY carrier has ample space for bedding, a food dish, and a water bottle.  It is made from waterproof, chew-proof oxford cloth and comes several colourful designs.

This carrier is multi-purpose.  It is designed as a pet carrier, with wheels on the bottom for play.  A push bottom and flip-down door allow for safe and secure access to your pet.  Accessories from CritterTrail are compatible with this cage, and a dish and water bottle are included.

This carrier is ideal for travelling.  Your hamster will be comfortable and airy.  The included water bottle is easy to use, and the top is see-through, so you can keep an eye on your pet at all times.  There is also a carry handle and secure lid lock.

This CritterTrail carrier includes a food dish, water bottle, and exercise wheel.  As with other CritterTrail carriers, it is compatible with other accessories of the same brand.  This is a well-ventilated, portable habitat for your hamster.  There is plenty of space in this carrier for longer trips.

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This design is great for short trips.  Your hamster can easily drink from the water bottle and have plenty of ventilation.  The clear top keeps your hamster visible, and the secure lock will keep him safe.

This cage is double layered for the safe transport of your hamster.  The top layer is designed as sleep space, while the bottom layer is designed for playing and eating.  The two layers are connected with a slide.  This cage is made from durable plastic and well-ventilated.

How Long can a Hamster Stay in a Travel Cage?

The temperature inside your hamster’s travel cage is the most important consideration.  Ensure your cage doesn’t get too hot by avoiding placing it near heater vents or in direct sunlight.  There’s no set time that your hamster can stay inside the cage, but the cage you choose should reflect how long they’ll be in it. For short car trips, a small enclosure with just water will be fine for your hamster.  As long as it’s well-ventilated and not too hot, they will be safe and happy.  If you take a longer trip, such as one on a plane, the cage you choose should reflect that.  Your hamster will need both food and water, good ventilation, and some type of exercise outlet.  Many larger cages have exercise wheels included for this purpose.