Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live Together?

Having pets at home is one great experience. Playing and spending time with them will not make you happy but will relieve the stress.

Though there are various pets that you can have, hamsters and hedgehogs are gaining quite popularity. Considered to be social and precious, these small pets are perfect for a home with kids.

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live Together?

While most of the characteristics of hamsters and hedgehogs are the same, they are different in various ways. That is one of the reasons the two cannot live together.

Where hamsters are easy to take care of, hedgehogs have special needs to be focused on. Let us look at the traits of hamsters and hedgehogs to know them even better.

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live Together? 

No! Hamsters and hedgehogs cannot live together. Both are pets but cannot be kept together. Being territorial and nocturnal by nature, the chances of conflict are high.

But yes, with separate cages, you can have both in your house. Still, careful supervision with no contact is needed when out of the cage.

What Are The Traits Of A Hamster? 

Hamsters are quite small and cute creatures. They make a perfect pet to have for kids at home.

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Hamsters are low-maintenance and easy to tame. They love to stay neat and clean, so they are always involved in grooming.

They are highly active and love to run on the wheel. They are domestic and love to stay around humans.

The traits that make hamsters even more desirable are:

  • They are social and friendly.
  • They love to play along.
  • They are silent and docile.
  • They are nocturnal and territorial.
  • They are cuddly.
  • They rarely bite and so are safe.
  • They love to groom themselves.
  • They love to exercise and are shy.

What Are The Traits Of A Hedgehog? 

Hedgehogs are considered to be exotic pets. They are nocturnal with a prickly coat which makes it important to handle them with care.

Hedgehogs are fun and low-maintenance. Due to their wild nature, they love to stay alone without any interference.

They have quills on their back that are sharp and can hurt you. With proper care only, one can make the hedgehog feel comfortable and relaxed.

A few notable traits of the hedgehogs as a pet are:

  • They are exotic pets.
  • They are highly active.
  • They are nocturnal and territorial.
  • They love to climb, swim and dig.
  • They are not so cuddly.
  • They are playful.
  • They are docile and take time to mix.

What Should You Consider While Keeping A Hamster And Hedgehog In Your House? 

While you plan to have a hamster and hedgehog together in the house, there are various considerations to focus on. Both are nocturnal and territorial, so they need even more space.

A few important things that should be focused on while keeping hamsters and hedgehogs in your home are:

  • Ensure to keep them in separate cages.
  • Ensure to keep them in separate rooms until they are familiar.
  • Never leave them unattended, even when left out in separate rooms.
  • Being territorial, the chances of both staying in the same room are low.
  • Both can show aggressive behavior towards each other.
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Though the two are small, yet they are not friendly to each other. Leaving them unattended can create adverse situations which may not be favorable for their health and well-being.

As the two are happier on their own, it is best to keep them in separate enclosures. Hamsters and hedgehogs are both wonderful pets, so love them equally.

Can Hamsters Be Kept With Hedgehogs? 

Never! Hamsters and hedgehogs have opposite personalities. Allowing them to stay together can create chaos and unhappening behavior.

Hedgehogs are hyper-active and love running, while hamsters are territorial and can get aggressive with running. A hedgehog-hamster team is most likely to fail, so better avoid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Get Along? 

No! Hamsters and hedgehogs cannot get along. The two are nocturnal and territorial pets, and living in the same area can make them aggressive. Also, hedgehogs have a prickly coat that can harm hamsters beyond recovery in case of a mishap. The two cannot get along, atleast without supervision.

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live In The Same Cage?

Definitely not! Hamsters and hedgehogs are better when they live in solitary cages. It might seem absurd, but hedgehogs might look at the hamster as their prey. So, leaving them in the same cage can be dangerous for the hamster as a hedgehog can attack and harm him, sometimes beyond cure.

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Be Friends?

No! Hamsters and hedgehogs fail to become great friends. Their entire personalities are different, and it’s not practical for them to be friends. By nature, hedgehogs see hamsters as their food, and so hamsters are scared of them. With proper training and supervised interactions, the two may become friends.

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Can Hedgehogs Harm Hamsters?

Yes, hedgehogs see hamsters as their prey due to their wild nature. So, there are chances that they can attack and harm hamsters. Though the chances of such a happening are pretty low, taking proper precautions is vital to ensure both.

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Be In The Same Room But Different Cages At Night? 

Not really. It is advisable to keep them in separate rooms even when they are in different cages at night. Both being nocturnal will stay awake at night, and allowing them to have their time for activities at night can be helpful. Separate rooms will restrict the contact-making them happy.


It is best to avoid keeping hamsters and hedgehogs together. Hedgehogs consume mice and tiny birds in the wild. The hamster will appear to the hedgehog as a slow-moving reward. 

Small animals can transmit infectious illnesses, and there is a possibility that one of them will be harmed during an encounter. Both pets are inherently solitary creatures who want to be alone. 

They are content on their own and do not require the company of a friend. Hedgehogs and hamsters are both great pets, but they should be maintained apart and enjoyed individually.